2022 Finalists

Congratulations all those who made the finals for the 2022 Global Good Awards!

We will have been in touch with all finalists via email to invite you to the Hybrid Awards Ceremony on 13th October, which you’ll be able to purchase in-person and/or virtual tickets for. If you’ve not heard from us, please email karen@GlobalGoodAwards.co.uk

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Global Good Company of the Year

Sponsored by Alcumus Group

Since 2019, dentsu international has transformed its sustainability strategy and ambitions to an industry leading strategy driving culture change, business transformation, client and employee engagement across dentsu’s 145 countries, 45,000 employees, clients and stakeholders. It embeds social impact as a business and growth strategy for the long term, underpinning the company’s people, clients and creative transformation. In February 2021, with a new vision and a fresh visual identity, the 2030 social impact strategy was rolled out to dentsu people and clients, articulating how dentsu uses its collective passion, talent and capability to generate shared value globally.

At Illumina, we are driven by the power of genomics to positively impact the world and shape a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Guided by our Mission to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome, we are taking action through our business strategy to expand access to genomics, empower our communities, integrate sustainability, nurture our people, and operate responsibly.

We are a relationship bank for a digital world. Our purpose is to champion potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive. This guides and underpins everything we do. It enables us to build long-term value, to invest for growth, to make a positive contribution to society and to drive sustainable returns for shareholders. At the centre of our approach is the belief that we must have a reciprocal relationship with society, the environment and the communities where we operate. Because when people, families and businesses succeed, we thrive together.

Every aspect of SJP’s business has been reviewed through a sustainability lens, ensuring good client outcomes and sustainable long-term growth. From pioneering products such as its social care service, to its efforts in creating a diverse pool of industry-led talent, the company is proof that ESG and commercial success can go hand in hand with AUA, hitting a record high of £154bn in 2021.

TELUS continues to be a leader in the field of ESG, in every meaning of the acronym. We have implemented numerous ESG issues into our policies, practices, decision-making processes, and investments to ensure that it is embedded holistically and thoroughly throughout our company. At TELUS, these are foundational through our social purpose commitments, which drive our company. Our social purpose is composed of elements such as, environmental impacts, giving back to communities, and perpetuating transparent and ethical governance over our company.

Verizon’s purpose is to move the world forward through the power of its networks. As we emerge from the pandemic with a greater understanding of how technology can both keep people connected and exacerbate existing inequalities, Verizon recognizes its unique responsibility in fostering an inclusive recovery and future. That is why the technology and communications services provider launched Citizen Verizon, a plan that not only leverages the power of next-gen technology to solve the world’s most pressing issues—from education to employment to climate justice—but also reimagines how social responsibility can be integrated throughout an entire corporation’s ecosystem to drive innovation.

Global Good SME of the Year

We imagine a world where tourism goes beyond net zero and becomes an inspiring force for good. A world in which hospitality is delivered in a truly sustainable way, enriches local communities and is provided by teams of talented people who love what they do.

Since December 2021 we are proud to say we are a ZERO food waste business. In June 2022, we will be a carbon neutral, waste neutral business. We use electric vehicles, grow our food in a permaculture garden, champion meat-free Mondays, use 100% renewable electricity, promote a circular-local economy and limit air travel and plastics.

In October 2020 HS1 launched our ground-breaking Sustainability Strategy, going much further than any railway to ensure sustainability in multiple areas. Like the rest of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised huge challenges for us, but our commitment to becoming the most sustainable way to travel in the UK and beyond remains stronger than ever. In 2020/21 we achieved an 80% reduction in CO2 for HS1 and 97% for the HS1 system. Other highlights include a 14% reduction in electricity use, 74% of habitat ‘tiles’ surveyed, and 8 biodiversity tiles upgraded.

We create inspiring places to work and learn whilst simultaneously reducing carbon and furniture waste. We do this by providing a range of circular support services include repair-shops, re-upholstery, re-configuration, re-use and re-working. Clients’ redundant furniture landfill is eliminated through community re-homing and certificated materials recycling, with further carbon savings through our local approach and Carbon Neutral operation (Scope 1 & 2 emissions).

We actively reduce the unnecessary harvest of virgin-materials, and additional carbon from manufacturing/transport of frequently replaced items, forging innovative cross-industry partnerships to share resources maximise impact for the benefit of local communities and local environments. #SMEsmakingadifference

Sustainability is the lifeblood running through the business, from our services, our approach, our running of the business and the team’s passions. The love for Switch comes from helping other businesses be more sustainable and running a successful business that puts the environment first.

In a year where sustainability has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we have tackled industry issues head-on through initiatives that offer free advice and consultancy to help companies be more sustainable. We have used the past 12 months to streamline our processes, efficiency and business model.

Founded in 2017, WUKA is a female-led start-up, making the UK’s first affordable, sustainable, reusable and leak-proof period wear. An organisation of many firsts, WUKA is also the first period pants brand to win The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development and to be Carbon Neutral Plus (producing a Carbon Footprint report as a result). Sustainability is at the heart of everything WUKA do – from creation, development and innovation – and are determined to keep this flowing on into the future. Since 2018, WUKA has prevented more than 100million disposables from going into landfills and the ocean.

Individual Leader of the Year

Sponsored by Prospect Arts

Simone Hindmarch has embedded sustainability at the heart of Commercial since being inspired by Al Gore’s 2006 film, The Inconvenient Truth.

Since then, sustainability has become not just something to say, do or tick a box, it is part of Commercial’s DNA. It is a spirit Simone calls Commercial by Nature.

From eliminating waste to landfill, introducing a sustainable range of office essentials, starting a social enterprise and exploring how the creative industries have a role to play in business, Simone has led Commercial’s determination to be a good ancestor for the next generation to follow.

James Cross is driven by a single purpose. To create a new plan for our planet. He will do this through restoring 4,000+ hectares of biodiverse habitat over the next 5 years. He is growing a team of experts at pace – from 4 to 24 in the last 18 months and more to follow – and to make his vision a reality he must take that dedicated team with him on the journey. How? Through inspiring leadership and a razor sharp focus on delivering this shared vision.

Andrea Nicholas is co-founder of the Green Tourism sustainability accreditation and support programme. Andrea has led this work for over 25 years, and within this time has overseen over 15,000 assessments and has consistently evolved the support available to businesses.

Andrea is also committed to advance the sustainability agenda more broadly, and gives her time freely to a number of industry leading boards and awards.

As President and CEO of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), Rachel Hodgdon is leading a movement centered on human health, well-being and equity for all. Rachel’s drive is to help close the equity gap – tackling inequities that impact global communities. Her latest focus is the development of a new WELL Equity Rating that will help companies not only measure their progress against their DEI goals but also give them a roadmap for action and improvement. Rachel also sits on numerous boards and advisory councils, and has overseen many purpose-driven projects to help improve health and advance equity.

Fiona Jeffery OBE founded international water, sanitation and hygiene charity Just a Drop to encourage the travel and tourism industry to give back to the communities they operated in across the world. Thanks to her strong leadership skills, her ongoing commitment to transforming people’s lives through clean water and her ability to mobilise an entire industry to donate, over 1.9 million people across 32 countries now have access to safe water, improved hygiene and better sanitation. At the heart of Fiona’s leadership is a deep commitment to achieving a more sustainable future for all.

Chris was a teenager when he launched his first sustainability project. Since then, Dr Chris Macdonald has written numerous research papers, articles, and books that help to raise awareness and empower others to take action. The proceeds from his books are redirected towards tree planting initiatives (so far 10,000 trees have been planted as a result). Chris also helped Lucy Cavendish College to win the Platinum Award for Green Impact, the highest award offered by the UN programme for environmentally sustainable practice. And, keen to continue to lead by example, Chris recently completed a litter picking marathon around Cambridge.

Jason Clarke is responsible UPP’s new Environmental strategy to meet net zero carbon ambitions across the whole UPP portfolio. Jason has worked at exceptional pace, delivering an exceptional number of initiatives and allowing UPP to move quickly not only to define strategy and approach but to begin to meet ambitious targets in year. Most importantly, Jason has been a sustainability champion for UPP, designing initiatives to engage both internal and external stakeholders and drive behaviour change.

Julia founded Bytes & Pieces to share her two passions with people- music and technology. As both fields lack diversity and inclusion and are highly understudied in schools, especially in advanced technology and music topics such as artificial intelligence and music composition, she started this organization to provide students a deep curriculum that explores topics in both fields through free workshops, contests, and articles/resources. In addition, workshops are recorded, so members can go through the curriculum in their own time. So far, she has reached 100+ students, mostly girls from ethnic minority groups, from 15+ states and 20+ countries.

Canon Young Champion of the Year

Sponsored by Canon EMEA

In March 2021, after analyzing the intersection between the seemingly unrelated issues of e-waste and the digital divide, CTD was founded to collect devices from neighborhoods, small businesses, and tech companies, refurbish, and donate them to low-income families, students, and refugees. Quickly, CTD expanded from an aspiring Bay Area non-profit to an organization that has a global presence in 29 countries and US states, donated 712 devices with a donation value of $128,304, received over $30,000 in grants, and accumulated 43 corporate partners. Currently, CTD is creating new computer labs in Malawi, Uganda, Liberia, and Nigeria.

In October 2021, I demonstrated my visual storytelling skills in a documentary photojournalism project by documenting the realities of Internally-Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Tse-yandev refugee camp in Makurdi, Benue, Nigeria, on the local issue of how flooding threatens their vulnerable and poor living there. My collection of photos and stories shows the women who struggle daily with the floods. These refugees who are the worst-hit by the climate crisis are least likely going to have their stories told to call for the necessary interventions. The project amplified their voices and experiences of being at high risk of climate emergencies.

From doing conservation projects with Taronga zoo (yatz leader) since the age of 13  to devoting time to fighting for our climate. Nabilah Chowdhury is an 18-year-old high school student that does her best to fight for the future of her generation. She participates in many leadership roles such as working as a youth parliamentarian for the  Energy, Environment & Climate change as well as being in the Jane Goodall National Youth Leadership Council and being a UNYouth Delegate. She continues to volunteer her time and fundraise for organisations such as World Vision, Saves The Children and other climate organisation.

From capturing Syrian integration and the rise of German nationalism on the streets of Berlin at fifteen, to advocating directly to world leaders for increased support of Syrian refugees at eighteen, Henry’s journey has taken him across continents in an effort to shine a light on the plight of Syrian refugees. At each step of the way, he worked to bridge the gap between the human and the high-level, using only a pen, a notebook, his iPhone’s camera, and the stories he learned along the way.

Biology for Better is a F. Spons. 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit dedicated to promoting educational equity in STEM, inculcating a love for biology in the youth, and advocating the SDGs. It currently has over 25 chapters, 200+ volunteers, 9 board members, and was chosen to be a youth member organization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Its activities include the provision of educational aids to rural schools, tutoring, fundraising for the educational infrastructure of Malaysian refugee children, and disseminating STEM knowledge through magazines, podcasts, webinars, blogs, and social media campaigns.

African elephant kept solitary in the Delhi Zoo for almost two decades. She has secured global NGO support to translocate and rehabilitate Shankar to Africa and has filed a legal petition in the Delhi High Court. Her online petition has received 190,000+ signatures and 50+ news agencies, including BBC, ABC, Newsweek, Financial Times have covered her campaign. Nikita is fighting not only for the rights of Shankar but for all elephants languishing in captivity around the world.

CoviDONATE, started by Himakshi Shastri, is an initiative that brought 19 individuals from all around the world to donate their hair for cancer patients across 19 days. This initiative is Himakshi’s way of taking the negative 1️9 out of Covid and replacing it with 19 positive individuals who wanted to donate their hair and make a meaningful difference. She had people donating their hair from all over the world – including USA, India, Canada, UAE, the Caribbean Islands and more! Himakshi donated her hair for the second time on the final, 19th day, also raising over 15,000dhs for cancer research.

Digital Educate’s mission is to dispel gender disparities in STEM and leadership by encouraging girls’ participation. I have taught free virtual computer programming lessons and leadership classes to 500+ students in elementary and middle school. I successfully organized and led a girls-only coding contest on the Sustainable Development Goals for 80+ middle school girls from 10 states and 3 countries. I am grateful for the opportunity to support Kitenga girls’ education in Tanzania through my fundraiser. Through my work, I strive to build a community of young girls worldwide who aspire to be future changemakers.

Sammie’s Buddy Bench Project is all about making sure kids have a place to find a friend. A Buddy Bench that is made out of recycled plastic caps and lids helps not only the environment but also kids who are
shy or lonely find a friend. Sammie is showing kids and adults in her community, state, country & globally about how anyone can make a difference through recycling & Kindness. You can keep plastic out of landfills and oceans and use them to be recycled into buddy benches or art. Spreading kindness daily and inspiring the world.

There are young women across rural settings ,slums and refugee camps across the developing world who have potential but lack exposure due to their circumstances.

The SpunkGo protocol involves providing free webinars to this audience at a regular frequency . The speakers are typically successful women who volunteer to present to this audience on a variety of topics where they have own experiences or are subject matter experts. Under normal circumstances, these women would not have have the opportunity for such interaction and exposure. SpunkGo provides them a community to belong to as well as an opportunity for self empowerment.

COVID Crisis Champions

ACF Technologies is a global leader in providing advanced appointment scheduling solutions and played a significant national role in the UK’s fight against Covid. ACF Technologies collaborated with the NHS and the Department of Health and Social Care (DoHSC) to roll out the appointment scheduling systems for the national COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine programmes. We deployed our software at a huge scale, in record time, in support of one of the largest and fastest appointment scheduling projects in history.

GSK and Save the Children have worked in partnership for more than 10-years. Our long-term relationship, trust, and flexibility allowed us to immediately leverage each organisation’s expertise and resources and respond to the pandemic through a £1.5m Covid-19 Fund, including:
– Maintaining and adapting our global-programmes (including in Nigeria, Yemen, Ethiopia), and developing a Covid-response plan for each
– GSK’s supply chain and procurement experts supporting Save the Children to identify, procure, and transport critical health supplies, equipment, and medicine
– GSK employees raising over £168,000 to help provide essential healthcare, food baskets, and cash to families in need

In response to the threat of COVID-19 in Yemen, already the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, HSA Group formed the International Initiative on COVID-19 in Yemen (IICY), bringing together local and international organisations from both the public and private sectors who were united in their desire to support Yemen’s response to the new emerging crisis. In IICY, partners worked together to procure and distribute over 43 tonnes of medical equipment including several PCR machines, 400 ventilators, over 1 million items of PPE and 2 ambulances, supporting the response of Yemen’s fragile healthcare ecosystem to the multifaceted challenges of the pandemic.

As Britain headed into lockdown, Just a Drop was hard at work designing a rapid coronavirus response programme. Alongside their usual work, the programme saw the charity work directly with communities to build handwashing stations, raise awareness of the virus and how it spreads and buy effective PPE to make communities more resilient.

In the UK, the team also stepped up – they adapted their strategy to become more digitally savvy, increased their pool of donors and diversified income from corporate supporters. Ultimately, this work meant that over 544,000 people across three continents were protected from the spread of coronavirus.

Innovation competitions have historically been the go-to activity to source solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. However, such competitions are nearly always configured to produce a very small number of winning  “solutions”. With the range of challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the world’s largest humanitarian network, took a different approach. We launched a global innovation acdemy that creates a network of youth innovation champions around the world. Today, the academy supports the ongoing development of over 1000 youth volunteers in 72 countries and 333 initiatives have been implemented.

Community Partnerships

1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity is a comprehensive program that applies regenerative agricultural practices and innovative digital technologies, expert consultancy on various themes, and training sessions. In 14 provinces in Turkey, the program has reached more than 4,000 farmers who produce corn, sunflower, and canola. 1000FEP expands its scope by adding more than 1000 farmers each year considering their needs and expectations in mind. The farmers achieved yield increases of up to 23% in 2021. The 1000FEP uses Social Return on Investment (SROI) calculation, in which each 1 TL investment ensured the social return 3.03 TL in 2021.

Tubeho Neza (“Live well”) is providing high peformance stoves, free, to 2.3 million rural Rwandan households. The stoves use 71% less wood than traditional open fires. On project completion 8.6 million tons CO2 and 64km2 forestry will be saved annually. An integrated comprehensive education and support programme for every household is delivered by a team of over 5,000 Community Health Workers.This means behaviour change is lasting: 2 years after receipt 99% stoves are in daily use. Innovative technology and financing through the sale of carbon credits produced by the stoves makes Tubeho Neza uniquely self-sustaining and scalable.

Built by over 200 volunteers, Gaia’s Garden opened to the public in July 2021 and hosted free workshops and events centred around learning more about sustainability. The garden provided young people with volunteering opportunities and employment and was part of the Lord Mayor’s Culture and Commerce Taskforce’s Enhancing the City initiative, utilising commercial spaces across the City to increase footfall amidst the pandemic.

The retailer Iceland and the ethical credit provider Fair for You are working together to offer micro-loans to low-income families, ensuring they never have to go without food. The Iceland Food Club offers affordable loans of between £25 and £75 so families can smooth out their income in the school holidays or when they are hit by unexpected bills or hardships. Early data from the pilot already shows 65% of customers reducing their food bank usage and 80% having improved mental health, among other positive outcomes.

MAITS (UK) has partnered with ACELP (Pakistan) to deliver their award-winning Community Health Worker (CHW) Empowerment Programme. CHW training successfully targets hard-to-reach families in low-resource countries who have limited access to specialist therapists/therapy centres, and who rely on the skill and dedication of community workers to enhance the lives of children with disabilities. This was a game changer during the COVID pandemic when all efforts were diverted to COVID-relief. The programme significantly improves sustainability of skills within a country, providing ongoing quality controls following initial training, to empower communities to create sustainable sources of expert knowledge at the local level.

Santiago del Estero is estimated to be the Argentinian province with the highest prevalence of Chagas disease in the world: 200,000 people affected.

The problem involves biological, environmental, economic, educational and socio-cultural aspects. FMS addresses it comprehensively and innovatively: on a scientific basis and in coordination with government agencies, the foundation implements actions to surveil and control the insect vector that transmits the parasite, improves the conditions of life in the areas involved, with the active participation of their inhabitants and the help of local facilitators, provides awareness and prevention tools, as well as access to the diagnosis and treatment.

India’s Kanpur leather cluster represents an important economic driver and a major source of employment. However outdated methods and technologies in the cluster have had a negative environmental impact on the Ganges River.

This project focused on reducing this impact by minimizing the consumption of water and reducing pollution. Through training and technological innovations the project improved the safety of workers, protected the livelihoods of small-scale farmers who rely on the river for irrigation, and improved the quality of the drinking and sanitation water used by the rural and urban poor.

Educational Excellence

Earth Cubs is the environmental learning platform for primary aged children, inspiring kids to learn and love the world. Using gaming, storytelling, action-based teaching resources, and real world environmental protections, Earth Cubs connects learning and impact. With climate change set to have a huge impact on our children’s future, Earth Cubs fills a huge climate and environmental learning gap. Preparing children for their future through awe and wonder, not fear.

With over 180k app downloads, over 3500 schools, and over 250 acres of rainforest protected, Earth Cubs has successfully started its journey to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

My Climate Path is an innovative COP26 education legacy project that links schools and businesses to offer Scotland’s young people opportunities to inspire them on roles and skills required for the green, sustainable and circular jobs of the future. We have empowered almost 4,000 young people through a coordinated programme of workshops, webinars, work experience, competitions and long-term employer support.

My Climate Path is creating a skilled, work-ready and passionate workforce of the future that will drive sustainable economic growth as Scotland transitions to a circular and a net-zero economy.

Too often where you are born, or what school you went to dictates your life chances. The KPMG Education Programme harnesses the power of education to drive social mobility, focusing on the building blocks of literacy, numeracy and lifelong learning. In 2021 we directly supported 231,973 people in disadvantaged communities to develop their skills and raise their aspirations. We work with strategic partners in each focus area to deliver programmes and campaigns that make a real difference to peoples’ lives. Through convening other organisations to work together to address these issues we ensure these positive changes are sustainable and long-lasting.

Our ‘About You Puberty Education programme’ has made a huge impact in empowering and building confidence in millions of girls, with a focus on supporting them as they transition into puberty. Now in its 6th year, we’re creating a lasting brand legacy within the family market, building a lifelong brand relationship. Working with our National Schools Partnership, our programme ensures everyone benefits; it creates a value exchange with educators of the key messages; accessible content which educates and empowers girls to transition into puberty with confidence, and it connects the brand at the point of market entry with genuine value.

The Perivoli Schools Trust runs a nursery schoolteacher training programme in five countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. It is funded by the Perivoli Foundation, a UK charity.

The Trust developed the programme to reduce dropout rates at primary school by helping nursery schoolteachers to focus on play. This is achieved through fun activities that use recyclable waste materials, such as bottle tops and empty cans.

Since its launch in 2013, the programme has reached over 11,500 teachers and around 250,000 children. Through its affordable and highly scalable model, the long-term target is to reach 200,000 schoolteachers and 5 million children.

Disrupted education and a widening digital divide placed barriers to accessing quality learning and careers opportunities for Gen Z. Samsung had an opportunity to help young people from all backgrounds harness their creativity and explore alternative ways to learn and find new, exciting career paths they may not have considered before.

Solve for Tomorrow encouraged young people to use STEM to tackle society’s biggest issues, through a variety of e-learning programmes, in-person events and competitions.

Over 17,000 young people were directly engaged in 2021 with over 700 tech-for-good ideas submitted through the competitions.

The 90-second news report challenge gives young people a platform to speak about the things they care about the most, whilst giving them the digital skills needed to unlock opportunities and new career pathways in creative industries. Telling stories of Climate Change or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through their own eyes, students will learn to critically engage with how the subject is presented in the media, before creating their own narrative. The stories created will come to life through Adobe’s creative tools, used alongside Sky world class footage with the best films being celebrated at Sky facilities.

Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Flywire is a fast-growing global fintech/payments company with 13 offices around the world. Employee wellness has always been an integral part of the Flywire culture, but the company’s continued success created challenges including employee burnout and stress. Flywire’s Employee Well-Being initiative provides a comprehensive set of programs and resources focused on six pillars of its employees’ health: emotional, financial, social, environmental, physical, and career. The program is available to all employees in every region around the world in local languages and has the full support and participation of the executive team.

Team Planet is a internal campaign to engage all employees in sustainability. Employees get points for making sustainable choices in their personal lives and at work. These are incentivised through a team financial bonus at the end of the year and an award ceremony. The campaign has a clear mission and consists of monthly events and regular communications which are educational and interactive. The campaign was hugely successful and was a driving force behind opening the world’s first whole life net zero hotel and embedding sustainability in the company’s culture.

The Trust Payments HR team undertook a huge project to embed a new culture, create an exceptional wellbeing programme and implement new training tools that ensured colleagues felt fully engaged, valued by the company and satisfied that they could grow as an individual. The team heard from their colleagues, anecdotally and through surveys, engaged their senior leadership team to ensure buy in and successfully worked to transform the company.

Environmental Behaviour Change

The Little Changes, Big Impact campaign drew from robust behaviour change principles to encourage ITV viewers to make sustainable swaps during Climate Action Week in September 2021. The campaign delivered against its promise, with 1.1 million people taking action.

Shaping culture for good is central to our ‘More than TV’ brand strategy, and by reaching millions of people every day through our channels, we aim to make climate action accessible, relatable, tangible and desirable for everyone.

The Newham Better Streets Programme, was designed to tackle the issue of fly-tipping in Newham. Using insights from previous research and wider behavioural science, a co-design session was run with residents to design a series of fly-tipping interventions, including Crime Scene Investigation tape and Social Impact Stencils to respectively draw attention to fly-tipping and highlight its negative community impacts. The interventions had a demonstrable impact on fly-tipping in Newham, with a maximum reduction of 73% in one intervention area, and lower levels of fly-tipping after interventions had ended. The interventions were subsequently rolled out borough-wide for broader impact.

With transport contributing a third of all carbon emissions in the UK, it’s crucial to accelerate the switch to electric driving. Our Electric Dreams Salary Sacrifice Scheme is doing just that. We’ve broken down the cost and awareness barriers to EV ownership, encouraging employees to change undesirable gas-guzzling journeys into clean ones. Employees can access an electric car, and everything they need to hit the road including a free home charger and bespoke EV energy tariffs, via their employer. They can make up to 40% savings in tax while they’re at it. And it costs the employer nothing.

Sustainable Supply Chain of the Year

Sponsored by Levin Sources

De Beers Group recognises the importance of protecting the natural world and increasing concern from consumers about associated impacts of their purchases, including their total carbon footprint. By using its respected and mature Best Practice Principles Programme, De Beers Group has therefore started to advance decarbonisation efforts across its diamond value chain and hopes to use its role as a leader in the industry to raise awareness and positively influence others to embark on their carbon footprinting journey.

In January 2020, Microsoft announced a bold commitment to be carbon negative by 2030 by removing an equivalent amount of all the carbon emitted since the company’s founding by 2050.  To ensure we meet our ambitious commitments, we launched a Supplier Engagement program to support suppliers, enabling accurate measurement of Scope 3 emissions, and formalizing Supplier emissions reductions commitments.

In 2021 NatWest Group made a significant shift to our Supply Chain Sustainability strategy.  Being recognised as one of the first movers for the Financial Services sector in the UK, we created a new partnership with EcoVadis and have successfully rated 523 suppliers on sustainability topics across environmental, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement in under 12 months, which covers around 85% of our in-scope spend.  We have moved to augment and enhance sustainability throughout our BAU process integrating sustainability assessments into contract clauses, internal procurement systems and processes and supplier relationship management.

As experienced wine importers we knew that changes had to be made across our entire business, with a new focus on sustainability, to reach our goal of net zero by 2030. Our first year’s certification with Planet Mark demonstrated that our scope 3 emissions equated to 85.5% of our carbon footprint, so changes within our supply chain would be where we could make the greatest impact on our GHG emissions. Green Roots Wine has been created to demonstrate that through considered supply chain improvements, achieving a delicious, affordable, sustainable wine is possible.

ofi (olam food ingredients) is a leading supplier of natural, sustainable ingredients, and for nearly two decades it has played a significant role in helping to build a sustainable cocoa supply chain. ofi’s Cocoa Compass, aligned with the UN’s SDGs, is its commitment to make its supply chain, and the future of cocoa, more sustainable, by helping farmers earn a living income, eliminating child labor, and protecting the natural world. This entry demonstrates the many initiatives and approaches ofi has taken on its path to achieving a more transparent, traceable and sustainable supply chain and reaching its 2030 goals.

Redrow is focused on supporting its existing supply chain to become more sustainable as the company works towards its zero carbon target, while looking to emerging technology to help further reduce its carbon footprint.

As steppingstones to reach its ambitious targets, trials are underway with several suppliers including for green fuel, air source heat pumps and innovative Wondrwall technology. A pioneering waste project has led to the redesign of its homes to reduce waste intensity, while schemes like paint can and community wood recycling have helped close the loop on waste and ensure > 95% is diverted from landfill.

Climate Action: Race to Net Zero

Sponsored by The Planet Mark

Aviva is one year into delivering its sustainability ambition: to be a climate champion, whilst building stronger communities and becoming the UK’s leading financial services company on sustainability.

In March 2021 we set one of the most demanding carbon reduction targets of any major insurance company in the world – to become Net-Zero by 2040.

One year on we are on track to deliver this, ten years ahead of most economies.

Our journey to net zero started from the ground up when our employee sustainability initiative ‘No Planet B’ was launched in 2019. This was then strengthened with ambitious leadership, investment and cultural change. 2021 saw our UK Net Zero Programme formalised, our 1.5 degree aligned science-based targets (SBTs) verified by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and our ambitious commitment to achieve net zero for our own UK operations by 2026 set. In addition, we have committed to ensure that 50% of our suppliers by spend, will have set their own SBTs by 2026.

As experienced wine importers, we knew that changes had to be made across our entire business, with a new focus on sustainability, to reach our goal of net zero by 2030. Our first year’s certification with Planet Mark demonstrated that our scope 3 emissions equated to 85.5% of our carbon footprint, so changes within our supply chain would be where we could make the greatest impact on our GHG emissions. Green Roots Wine has been created to demonstrate that through considered sustainable improvements, achieving a delicious, affordable, sustainable wine is possible.

Livv Housing Group is building an innovative £2.2m housing scheme at Copthorne Walk in Kirkby, with 15 new affordable homes, piloting three different energy efficient systems to explore the short-to-mid-term impacts on our customers of moving to Net Zero. We are looking to join forces with Liverpool John Moores University on live data analysis from the pilot and will be working closely with our customers to review their perceptions of comfort, ease of use and control and the impact of carbon improvements on their fuel bills as part of our journey to Net Zero.

SP Energy Networks is playing a critical role in supporting regional and national ambitions driving towards Net Zero. Alongside its sustainable business strategy, it’s delivering pioneering projects which play a vital role in the energy system transition. These include a strategic EV partnership with Scottish Government, an alliance with Net Zero North West in North Wales to decarbonise the UK’s largest industrial cluster, responsible for 5% of the UK’s energy usage, and having provided £20m in funding to low carbon community initiatives through its Green Economy Fund.

Circular Economy

Sponsored by Vertas Group

A staggering 7 million mattresses go to landfill each year in the UK alone! Reborn – The Sustainable Manufacturer have found the worlds first fully Circular & Sustainable Solution for each and every component of an end of life mattress. Changing the Current Linear Culture of Make, Break and Throw Away to a Closed Loop Circular Make, Break & Throw Away.

Our sustainable operation re-manufactures all things new for a number of industry sectors from deconstructed, separated, sanitised and retreated components retrieved from end-of-life mattresses. From insulation to pet beds, campervan cushions to divan beds, garden seat pads to garden planters

Genuine Solutions is on a mission to save planet earth, one recycled product at a time. The company finds new uses for mobile phone handsets and accessories by sorting them, cleaning them, testing them, grading them and releasing them in A1 condition for a new life.

Building a circular economy is the entire purpose of the business. Genuine Solutions recovers, reuses and recycles unwanted mobiles and accessories.

We have stopped more than 9,000 tonnes of electronic waste from ending up in landfill by repurposing and recycling more than 2.2 million mobile phones and 25 million accessories since 2005.

The RightCycle™ Programme is transforming used hand towels and old dispensers into new products – giving them a second life.

It’s the world’s first service to offer both dispenser installation and recycling, and a hassle-free way for customers to be a more sustainable and improve their washroom and wiping facilities.

With a closed-loop recycling service for used hand towels, RightCycle™ enables businesses to cut their entire waste footprint by up to 25%, and increase a building’s recycling rate by up to 5% – helping to achieve sustainability goals and to develop the circular economy today and for the future.

Circularity is critical to Microsoft’s ambitious climate goals of being carbon negative, zero waste, and water positive by 2030.  Our Circular Centers are an innovative and proven approach, achieving circularity at scale with a zero waste plan for every part. Microsoft’s pilot Circular Center launched in 2020 and has achieved 83% reuse and 17% recycle of critical parts while reducing carbon emissions by 145,000 metric tons.  We opened two more Circular Centers in 2022 and have plans for continued expansion, putting us on track to achieve 90% reuse of our cloud computing hardware assets by 2025.

Plastic Energy’s patented and proven chemical recycling technology is transforming the global landscape of plastic waste by converting previously difficult to recycle plastic into recycled oils (called TACOIL) that replace fossil oils in the production of new plastics.

Plastic Energy owns and operates two plants in Almeria and Seville, Spain and we aim to recycle five million tonnes of plastic waste by 2030.

Techbuyer is a global provider of sustainable IT solutions that promotes sustainability through by buying, refurbishing, and selling IT hardware to maximise product lifecycles. This circular economy business model is underpinned by a zero-to-landfill policy and a commitment to always prioritise reuse and repair.

Techbuyer is extensively involved in pioneering research and innovation through in-house projects and collaboration with universities and research bodies. It also has a strong focus on sustainability education, which it promotes through engaging with community events and schools, and it will soon offer IEMA-accredited sustainability training to employees, partners, customers, and other local stakeholders.

Best Product of the Year

Lightfoot’s advanced driver coaching technology has made a tangible difference to several of the UK’s largest fleets, providing drivers with real-time, in-cab feedback alongside incentivisation and rewards via a dedicated app. As drivers adopt a safer, smoother driving style, harmful emissions including CO2 and NOx are significantly reduced, helping businesses to develop cleaner, greener fleets through positive reinforcement that empowers their workforce.

Toilets account for 30% of water usage in homes. Niagara’s Shadow 0.8 GPF uses Niagara’s patented vacuum-assist Stealth Technology®, which redesigned the flush using an innovative design that uses an air transfer tube to create suction that pulls waste down the trapway. Stealth Technology has won many awards including several EPA WaterSense® awards for powerful performance, minimal maintenance, and water conservation. To date, Stealth Technology has saved the world over one billion gallons of water. Shadow 0.8 GPF with Stealth Technology is the best solution for those who want a sleek design, powerful performance, and maximum water-efficiency.

Can coatings are critical to the overall quality and integrity of cans, preventing bacterial contamination, extending shelf life and reducing food spoilage and waste. However, there has been recent debate regarding of the use of certain materials in traditional can coatings. To develop an innovative solution, Sherwin-Williams embarked on a 10-year R&D process, championing a Safety by Design methodology, modelled on preclinical pharmaceutical safety evaluations. The safety and sustainability of the proposed chemical components were tested by toxicologists, independent laboratories, scientists and NGOs. As a result, Sherwin-Williams created valPure V70, the world’s only non-BPA epoxy coating technology that can be applied to steel and aluminium cans across the food, household and personal care industries.

For a new product launch, the client was looking for sustainable and high-end packaging. Using sugarcane pulp, Switch created a versatile and intelligent packaging design which could be used across various products to reduce waste, cost and environmental impact. This packaging design positively impacted the client’s brand image and gave them an advantage over their competitors, who were still using polystyrene packaging. With electronic equipment packaging contributing to over 6% of plastic demands across different sectors, the potential for this type of packaging design to rolled out across other electronic manufacturers is huge to help reduce our plastic pollution.

Biogreen biodegradable nitrile powder free glove is specially formulated to biodegrade in landfill through a microbial process. It provides an “end of life solution” for landfill option to reduce accumulation of waste. The biodegradability has been measured using the internationally recognised ASTM D5511 standard which have been proven to biodegrade at least 10 times faster compared to conventional nitrile gloves. It has additional feature of accelerator free to minimise risk of Type IV Delayed Hypersensitivity reaction. Ideals for use in both the medical and non medical sector. The gloves also conform to ASTM D6319 and EN455 standards.

Best Campaign of the Year

Sponsored by Seacourt

Guerlain is running the “Women for Bees” programme in partnership with UNESCO. The programme aims to create an international network of women beekeepers who will be able to share their local and scientific knowledge on the crucial role of pollination and bees in ensuring food security for the planet. By 2025 this partnership will have allowed for the training of 50 women beekeepers, installed 2,500 hives and led to 125 million bees. The first edition happened in Europe in 2021, followed by a second edition launched in Cambodia in 2022. Angelina Jolie, Guerlain Muse, is the Godmother of both cohorts.

Hubbub and Ellipsis Earth delivered an anti-littering campaign from March to August 2021 in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP), funded by McDonald’s and supported by Barley Communications. Ellipsis conducted the most scientifically robust litter survey ever in the UK. This data was used to develop litter-busting interventions in BCP’s beaches, parks, and urban spaces. On average, there was an outstanding 75% reduction in litter where data-driven interventions were placed. Some individual locations achieved phenomenal reductions of nearly 90%. A replicable template for future projects in other locations now exists, with a firm commitment from Glasgow City Council to follow suit.

There are over 6,300 furniture manufacturers in the UK and the majority of them are currently using polystyrene packaging. To help eliminate the use of polystyrene, Switch devised a campaign focused on the furniture and kitchen industries to help reduce their plastic usage and educate them on sustainable alternatives. The campaign included social media strategy, webinars, website and PR content, email marketing, direct mail and face-to-face meetings. The measurement of the campaign was closely monitored in order to ensure the time and money was being spent on the right channels.

Our main objective was to encourage individuals, communities and local authorities to take action and to come together to support women experiencing violence. We wanted to create an engaging campaign and video, where Cambodians could see and understand the reality and impact of gender-based violence on women and children with concrete actions they could take.

The campaign was a powerful call to action that encouraged family, friends and neighbours to Reach Out, Check In and Act, to ensure that women are safe. We were able to produce the video and campaign with a small $6,000 budget.

Climate Champions is a multiplatform EMEA campaign using Cartoon Network’s brands, animation, and storytelling to encourage kids aged 6-12 to take on daily challenges to collectively make a big difference in tackling climate change. It launched across the region in June 2021 in 18 languages, and in under a year, the campaign has seen over 840,000 different challenges completed by almost 100,000 Climate Champions. Kids can find over 100 different challenges on the Climate Champions microsite, a digital hub which forms the heart of the campaign, and which has real time updates visually represented on a live regional activity map.

Best Start-up Enterprise

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At Risilience we put the power of risk science in the hands of global enterprises; translating data into actionable insights that enable companies to identify opportunities, future-proof business strategy and protect investor interests, as they combat climate-change risks.

Risilience clients onboarded over last six months emit a total of 245 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, which they have pledged to eliminate by 2050 with the use of our platform. Working with our clients, we have the goal of eliminating 50 gigatonne-years of carbon over the next decade.

Rowdy Kind is the world’s first plastic free body care for kids’ sensitive skin. They take everything you’d expect in a high-quality bottle of kids’ body wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser, without the environmental footprint. To date, Rowdy Kind have saved over 30k bottles from landfill and helped over 3000 families go plastic free at bath time. They are manufactured by a social enterprise in the UK, and they have supported four charities during their first two years.

What started out as a Covid-19 initiative to help the local community has become a growing project that continues to shine the spotlight on the digital divide and close the gap by providing support to those most
affected. During the 2020 lockdown, it became apparent that children and adults from struggling backgrounds were being isolated from society. Many children were missing out on their education due to a lack of technology and adults who relied on local support groups were now completely alone, we couldn’t sit and watch our community fall apart, so we did something about it!

Y.O.U underwear makes soft, stylish, organic cotton underwear for men and women and girls that lets you look good, feel good and do good. Our mission is to improve access to education for women and girls by donating underwear through our buy-one-give-two promise. Our underwear is Fairtrade, PETA-approved vegan and made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and we work with one of India’s leading ethical and sustainable manufacturers. We’re the UK’s Top B Corp, and are the top fashion B Corp globally, proving our commitment to people and the planet.

Technology for Good

Sponsored by Erjjio Studios

Dayrize’s award-winning and patent-pending technology is a game-changer in the race to tackle climate-change. By using the latest technology and sustainable science to rapidly assess the environmental and social impact of consumer products, Dayrize brings a level of transparency to both business and consumers not previously available due to the complexity of assessing impact at a product level. Having already signed over 500 brands, Dayrize is well-positioned to bring wholesale change to the way businesses understand impact, and how consumers shop for products.

Through the EY Ripples program, EY people are devoting their time to SDG-focused projects, bringing together combined skills, knowledge and experience of the global EY network in pursuit of one shared vision: to positively impact one billion lives by 2030. In line with EY’s commitment, the EY STEM App is an innovative gamified mobile platform for girls aged 13-18 that aims to identify, inspire and empower the next generation of girls in STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, to create a more equal future. The program was successfully piloted for 7000+ girls across New Delhi, Seattle and Atlanta and is now being scaled globally for 100,000 girls by June 2022.

Oxylabs, a leading provider of public web data gathering solutions, created a unique AI-driven tool for the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority pro bono to support their mission of making the internet cleaner and safer. A dedicated tool automatically scans Lithuanian’s IP address space in search for potentially harmful images – those related to sexual child abuse and pornography. Suspicious content units are then forwarded to the hotline for RRT specialists to review. In the first months of its use 19 websites were already identified as violators of national or EU laws.

We have a strong capability and profound knowledge to drive positive change through technology. For many years, we have been responding to the most pressing needs of society with what we do best – developing digital solutions and tech innovations.

OpenTech is a charity crowdsourcing platform, introduced in March 2021, where individual contributions make significant changes in the world around us.

All of the projects in our internal initiative OpenTech were developed by SoftServe associates on a pro-bono basis. The goal is to support various social initiatives, non-profit and governmental institutions, and find solutions for socially meaningful causes.

For the thousands of Central Valley residents who can’t safely drink water from their tap due to worsening drought conditions and high levels of contaminants, a community program funded by non-profits provided residents with free solar water panels that create clean, safe drinking water delivered directly to their taps. SOURCE Global uses innovative solar-powered Hydropanel technology to capture pure water molecules from the air and convert them into healthy drinking water, independent of electric or piped water infrastructure and virtually anywhere in the world.

‘Game Changing’ Innovation of the Year

Datastake is an incentivised data platform revolutionising access to information in weak-governance countries. It helps local businesses and NGOs manage their activity, while structuring their on-site knowledge to make it relevant to a broader audience. In turn, the platform provides continuous access to information to charity organisations, investors, resources buyers whose risk management, impact measurement and procurement activities are typically constrained by a lack of reliable data. By turning information into a tradable resource, Datastake rewards transparent behaviours and facilitates engagement in previously stigmatised regions.

Environment Bank has a single purpose. To create a new plan for our planet. It is restoring biodiversity across thousands of hectares of land over the next 5 years through its pioneering Habitat Bank model, reversing the damage done over the past 60 years. It is partnering and investing in rural communities by making nature economically visible. And it is supporting the Government’s bold targets on Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), a concept invented by our founder David Hill, improved air quality and Net Zero carbon emissions.

There is NO other energy provider in the UK doing as much as Octopus Energy to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy for people of all walks of life. We are showcasing replicable and scalable approaches to successfully tackle key environmental and social issues in the race to net zero. In 2021, we invested, innovated and influenced policy-makers to help the public to ditch gas for good – offering an affordable ‘no-brainer’ heat pump solution at the same cost to install AND RUN as a gas boiler, whilst training 1000 new heat pump engineers a year, doubling UK capacity.

In December 2020, Patron launched the Women in Safe Homes fund in collaboration with social impact investment company, Resonance. The fund, believed to be the world’s first gender-lens property fund, was created as a solution to the lack of affordable, safe, and secure homes for women who are experiencing homelessness, are ex-offenders, survivors of domestic abuse or have other complex needs.

Pivot Bio has transformed the way fertilizer is produced and used by farmers. From their environmentally sound fermentation production process to their zero-waste and zero-footprint, Pivot Bio’s microbes offer farmers a more efficient and sustainable nitrogen to fuel their crops. Our technology eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers, the leading cause of agriculture GHGs and biodiversity loss and is the first and only microbial biofertilizer on the market. Working in partnership with the world’s farmers, Pivot Bio can significantly slow climate change while stabilizing crop yields across millions of acres of corn, wheat, oats, barley, sorghum, millet, and sunflowers.

The Safetytech Accelerator is a non-profit established by Lloyd’s Register, and we’re the world’s first accelerator exclusively focussed on safety and risk in industrial settings. Our mission to make the world a safer place through the use of technology.

The accelerator executes this mission by being an open and trusted collaboration platform, bringing together corporates – the problem owners – and cutting-edge technology companies to pilot solutions to difficult safety and risk challenges that are common across a sector or subsector. In doing so we also help early-stage technology businesses get a foothold in complex industrial markets.