How our entry fees and ticket discounts are calculated

Following advice and guidance from sustainability thought leaders – including members of our judging panel and awards partners – we believe we have created a fair and transparent tiered entry fee structure to enable organisations of all sizes to enter.

Alongside this, we have created a unique ceremony ticketing structure, allowing for an all-inclusive ceremony. As we are an awards programme for all, we want to ensure that representatives from all sectors can attend, including those with limited budgets.

You can find our entry fees and prices here, but here’s how our inclusive structure works:

Small businesses, start-ups and small charities – small organisations often have more restricted budgets and fewer resources available to enable them to enter awards programmes. Therefore as well as offering a lower entry fee, the price of ceremony tickets is not included. This lessens the initial financial outlay, hopefully encouraging more smaller organisations to enter.

Smaller organisations wishing to attend the awards ceremony are often eligible for discounts on tickets if larger organisations ‘donate’ their pre-purchased tickets back to us – see details below.

Large businesses and corporations – we have found that larger companies prefer the entry fee to include ceremony tickets, as it can support departments with advanced budgeting. Large businesses (under 5000 staff) receive one inclusive ticket per entry and multinationals (over 5000 staff) receive two. However they have many choices as to what happens to those tickets:

  • They can ask us to deduct the inclusive tickets, bringing down the cost of entering.
  • If their entry is not shortlisted, they can do one of three things:
    • Attend anyway and enjoy an evening with like-minded people
    • Give the tickets to one of their charity partners so they can benefit from new connections, without the additional cost
    • Donate the value of those tickets back to us to award discounts to start-ups and small charities.


Announce our extended deadline (which carries a late fee) along with our entire annual timeline right at the start of the programme, so there is no last minute ‘extended deadline announcement’.

All of our gold, silver and bronze award winners are decided upon BEFORE tickets go on sale, so there is no room in our organisation for bias, however many tickets are purchased.

So far, we have only received positive feedback about our fees structure. If you don’t agree though, why not drop us an email and tell us?