Climate Action of the Year


Norwich City Council: Carbon Management Programme

The project is a structured Carbon Management Programme (CMP) started with help from the Carbon Trust in 2007. By developing and implementing a structured programme Norwich City Council has made impressive strides towards decarbonising its operations, purchasing 100% renewable power, switching to EV’s and hybrid vehicles and retrofitting buildings across its estate to increase energy efficiency and to decrease carbon emissions. Our emissions have fallen by 59.6%!

We also have a programme called One Planet Norwich that extends our low carbon aspirations into the citizen and business of Norwich helping them to make pro environmental behaviour choices.


Concha y Toro UK: Move to UK packing for Cono Sur Bicicleta wines

Concha y Toro UK is the second largest wine supplier in the UK and a subsidiary of Concha y Toro, Latin America’s largest wine company. The business recognises its responsibility to reduce its environmental impact in shipping wine from South America. By monitoring and measuring its footprint at every stage of the winemaking and shipping process, and combining with the UK’s most environmentally-friendly bottling company, we were able to reduce the carbon footprint of the wine to the UK port by over 50%, and delivered to our end customer by 28%.


Childbase Partnership: Zeroby30

Childbase has committed to a reduction to net zero emissions by 2030. This has evolved out of measuring company carbon emissions and takes into account scope 1,2 and 3 emissions to make a true difference in regards to sustainability.

The project has been used, not only reduce emissions but also to engage key stakeholders with the process based on a ‘no action too small’ approach.

The project is intentionally simple as the aim is to not be the only company to follow this approach but to encourage and prove that sustainability is achievable at any level.