Education (Small Organisation)


Human Capital For Third Sector: Katalyst

Katalyst started in 2007 with the intent of liberating women from low income communities, through the pursuit of professional education. The initiative prepares young women for leadership roles, thereby creating a wider talent pool for India Inc and helping bridge the gender divide. Katalyst achieves this objective through a blend of unique interventions. Katalyst has four chapters in India and has impacted the lives of 1200 girls. Katalyst alumni occupy positions of seniority in prestigious MNCs and Indian companies in India and abroad. Katalyst is an initiative of Third Sector Partners, India’s leading executive search firm focused on socially relevant organisations.


Rethink Food: Healthy people, healthy planet

We create systems where food becomes the solution and not the problem, where children’s basic needs are met so they are in a position to become thriving members of their school and community. Healthy people, healthy planet.

By collaborating with organisations from education, food and the environment, and working with communities/schools we help people develop a positive relationship with food with the message of helping to save the planet rather than focussing on individual needs – or as we like to call it “Stealth health”.  We do this by showing that people can make a huge difference to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the huge environmental challenge that faces us all, simply through the food they eat.


Wild Shots Outreach

Wild Shots Outreach supports young South Africans from disadvantaged communities in accessing their wildlife heritage and developing employment skills through the innovative use of photography. It teaches transferable skills, builds self-esteem and helps raise the aspirations of these learners – Africa’s conservationists of tomorrow. WSO prioritises high school students from government schools and unemployed youth bordering Kruger National Park. These young people have never had the opportunity to visit a game reserve.  This award-winning educational programme engages, inspires and enhances access for these impoverished students to their wildlife heritage – catalysing and igniting a passion for conservation.