Employee Engagement & Wellbeing


Careershifters: Fulfilment First

We set up Careershifters because we were moved by the huge number of people around us who are unhappy in their work. Our mission is two-fold: firstly, to help others like us make successful shifts into more fulfilling work and, secondly, to be a model of the kind of organisation that we want to see more of in the world. To this end, we’ve deliberately crafted a culture at Careershifters that we call ‘Fulfilment First’, which is based on the belief that the more we prioritise the fulfilment of our team, the more successful we will be as a business.


Sophiamedi Corp: Our Workstyle Revolution

Serious aging of society increases the need for home medical care in Japan operating 24/7, but this is not being met promptly due to nurses’ heavy workload and women’s delayed participation in society. Sophiamedi created a system called Nurse Support Triangle: 1) North Star Project to create a vision together, 2) workstyle WOW! and 3) Mental Support System for medical staff. These improved nurses’ working conditions, resulting in a 160% increase to over 800 employees in 2 years. The resignation rate was about 17% 3 years before, and decreased to about 8%; this is rare in this industry.

BRONZE (Joint place)

GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services: Our People, Our Greatest Asset

GreenZone recognises that our most important asset is our staff and we never forget it is they who are at the forefront of our service delivery; their skills and attitude define the GreenZone service.  Quality service starts with investment in our staff and making them feel a valued member of the GreenZone ‘family’.  GreenZone is only as successful as our team members make us.  Success depends ultimately on the qualities of our people – their commitment, energy, imagination and persistence. This investment in staff pays back many times in a loyal and productive workforce, stability, enthusiasm and pride.

BRONZE (Joint place)

Genuine Solutions Group: Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Programme

Genuine Solutions has created an all-encompassing employee programme to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. We believe our focus on increasing engagement and building a fun company culture is paramount to achieving growth and success for the business. At Genuine Solutions, we strive to maintain a positive working environment where each employee feels rewarded, recognised and part of the family.