Circular Economy


Ecobooth: Positive Impact Events

Ecobooth is a circular economy event company, using only waste materials to create engaging events and experiences for environmentally conscious brands.  We don’t just create zero waste, we actually process problem waste streams with every stand we build.

Partnering with brands, charities, events and venues, Ecobooth have been designed to align with the principles of the Circular Economy.  We design with always with materials’ next life in mind and build using only problem waste materials such as ocean waste plastic, our low impact production house and carbon efficient logistics allow us to create truly sustainable events and experiences.


Genuine Solutions Group: GSUK’s Circular Economy

Genuine Solutions UK (GSUK) exists to save planet earth, one recycled product at a time.  The company finds new uses for mobile phone handsets and accessories by sorting them, cleaning them, testing them and releasing them in A1 condition for a new life.

Building a circular economy is the entire purpose of the business. GSUK recovers, reuses and recycles unwanted mobiles and accessories. To date, we have stopped more than 8,000 tonnes of electronic waste from ending up in landfill by repurposing and recycling more than 10,000 phones and more than 200,000 units of accessories every month since 2007.


Superior Essex Communications

Superior Essex Communications is the leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable in North America. Our sustainable processes have proven us the industry trendsetter as the first and only company in our industry – and one of only nine in the United States – with a Zero Waste to Landfill certification, now for five years. We worked passionately for a decade to become a more sustainable manufacturer, remaining vigilant over our waste reduction, recycling and reuse programs; verifying that our partners do the same; and maintaining our resource reduction efforts to minimize our water use, electricity consumption and carbon emissions.


Delphis Eco: Recycled Plastic Rating (RPR)

The RPR shows the consumer exactly how much recycled content is in the packaging they’re buying, empowering consumers to live sustainably by purchasing products packaged in Post-Consumer Recycled content. The RPR is easily recognisable and will be understood by manufacturers and consumers on a national scale. 28 different marks currently exist showing whether or not packaging is recyclable. Zero marks exist to show the exact percentage of recycled content in packaging, with the RPR, the confusion is removed and consumers will be able to see if the packaging contains recycled content, and how to re-recycle it.