Global Good Conference

In 2016 we ran our first traditional conference (formerly called National CSR Awards) at The Crystal and over 200 people attended it. Here’s what one senior delegate said…

“I attended the National CSR Awards in 2016, which had a conference before the awards event.  It was by far and away the best CSR conference I had been to in years – covering the full range of topics that a company should be considering from tax policy, to pension investment, to supply chain to environmental impact and beyond. I thought then that I need to get involved with this organisation, they actually ‘get’ that CSR is about more than a philanthropic donation to charity!”

How many conferences have you been to where the focus of each topic is all about what the speaker wants to say?

How many times have you nodded off or felt tired and in need of that coffee break… that’s almost certainly ‘running late’?

How many sessions have you sat in that have overrun due to not leaving enough time for questions?

We believe that the questions are one of the most important parts of the session, yet they get given the least amount of time. That said, how many sessions have you sat in where there is deathly silence when the MC asks “Any questions?”

Say there was a conference that imaginatively combined all three pillars of sustainability: environmental, financial and social? Where the delegates were in control of what the speakers focused on? Where you could ask a question without having to stand up shaking in front of everyone?

Would you come to that conference?

Well, we have a fully scoped out concept (and it’s not just about asking questions!) for a 21st century ‘technology meets sustainability’ conference and we think it’s so good that we don’t want to publish the details on the website.

We’re looking for a technology partner and headline sponsor to deliver it with us and make conference history…

If you’re interested, please email Karen or call her on 07813 718541.