Paper Lounge

Paper Lounge is delighted to sponsor the Environmental Behaviour Change category at the Global Good Awards 2018. 

A complete new concept in lifestyle design, practicality and convenience.

Inspired by design, functionality, practicality and fun; Paper Lounge delivers beautifully crafted Kraft paper furniture to complement any setting. Using a back to basics approach to product design, Paper Lounge has created exceptional home, office and lifestyle products combining timeless design and natural materials. The range of contemporary concertina or foldable furniture has real life functional applications at the home, office or just about anywhere.

Paper Lounge is designed and developed with purpose, convenience and versatility in mind, imagine having extra seating on demand which can be discreetly packed and stored away when not in use. It can also be used as a regular piece of innovative furniture to add symmetrical allure to your space.

Made with natural simplicity… 

The products are natural with simple geometrical lines and a unique ‘honeycomb’ structure, which lends itself to its strength and durability. Paper Lounge has harnessed the natural simplicity of paper and created a range of design accessories using the purest and most basic of natural material, Paper. Products manufactured from a natural raw material, such as paper, have certain distinctive features and limitations.  The product will mature, age and evolve as time goes by.

The range includes stools, side tables, foot stools, tables, pillars/plinths and benches.  The products are available in different sizes and three colours to suit all. The stool can withstand up to 100 kg in weight and the benches up to 300kg. The products compress like a book for storage, and fans open into cylindrical stools or low tables.

Designed and Developed with Purpose…