International Sustainable Community (Legacy)


PROJECT: Rainforest Rescue

The Project…

Sky Rainforest Rescue, Sky and WWF’s six-year partnership from 2009 to 2015, helped save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest, avoiding over 3.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions. The project was part of Sky’s wider work to help tackle climate change through addressing the global issue of deforestation and inspiring customers to take action.

Over £9 million was raised and invested into the conservation project and Sky, WWF, the government in Acre, Brazil, and the local community worked together to: identify market opportunities that made the trees worth more standing than cut down; and embed sustainable farming practices so the local community can protect their forests long-term.

We also brought the important global issue of deforestation to life in the UK and Ireland in innovative and creative ways; including programming, social media, and interactive experiences.

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