Start-up Enterprise of the Year



TOTM launched in 2016 to make periods better – for people and the planet.

4.3 billion disposable menstrual products are used in the UK each year but can contain up to 90% plastic. Period products are the fifth most common item found on Europe’s beaches – more widespread than take-out cups or plastic straws.

We created our range of organic cotton and reusable period care to fight plastic waste and built a brand that actively fights the taboo surrounding menstruation. Our products are available online, in Tesco, Superdrug, Urban Outfitters (UK & US) and the bathrooms of forward-thinking workplaces.


Ecobooth: Positive Impact Events

Ecobooth is a circular economy event company, using only waste materials to create engaging events and experiences for environmentally conscious brands.  We don’t just create zero waste, we actually process problem waste streams with every stand we build.

Partnering with brands, charities, events and venues, Ecobooth have been designed to align with the principles of the Circular Economy.  We design with always with materials’ next life in mind and build using only problem waste materials such as ocean waste plastic, our low impact production house and carbon efficient logistics allow us to create truly sustainable events and experiences.


Bax Botanics: Alcohol-Free Spirits

Bax Botanics alcohol-free spirits were created by Chris and Rose Bax after 20 years of inspiring and teaching about wildfood and flavour in their Yorkshire woodland. They love botanicals using them in diverse culinary ways from ice-cream through to savoury dishes and all the preserves and beverages in between. The alcohol-free spirits came about after a camp-fire conversation about how little there was to excite the palate, that didn’t contain alcohol.

Two different styles/flavours have been launched – Verbena: bright, refreshing summer herbal. And Sea Buckthorn: relaxing, bittersweet Mediterranean botanicals. Both can be mixed with tonic or used in cocktails.